Amazing Idea! Using frozen reverse spherification to makeover traditional Thai desserts

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     This week on “Brainchild”, our MCs Apisara “Dao” Kerdchuchuen and Wichai “Aek” Jongprasitporn, introduce a brilliant adaptation of a new innovation like frozen reverse spherification to traditional Thai desserts by a team of students and professor from Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna. The spherification technique is used to give a new look to various Thai desserts such as grass jelly, khao niao piak pueak, saku khaopod, taohuai fruit salad, tabtim krop and ampan Siam. This innovative idea won a silver medal for food innovation at the 2019 Thailand Inventor’s Day. However, our gurus, Panudej Wattanasuchart, Dr. Chit Laowattana and Punyawee Sukkulworaset, challenge them to use the spherification technique with other Thai desserts. Let’s see if Assistant Professor Atchara Dolwittayakhun and her students can impress the gurus when they return with a new spherification recipe

In the “Exploring Ideas” segment, MC Manitar Farmer introduces Cheww, the first portable toothpaste tablet brand by a Thai entrepreneur that guarantees you all-day fresh breath. Get to know this environmental-friendly product on “Brainchild” at 9am, 22 June 2019 on Channel 3SD (28).