Big 3 introducing new dramas for October
“Kor Pen Chao Sao Sak Klang Hai Cheun Jai”
Channel 3 held a press conference, Big 3 Happiness Through the Screen, to announce 16 new TV dramas to be aired in the second half of the year. Producer, Pinkamon 'Dew' Maleenont attended the event at Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon along with leading actors and actresses from Kor Pen Chao Sao Sak Klang Hai Cheun Jai (ขอเป็นเจ้าสาวซักครั้งให้ชื่นใจ): Warinthorn “Great” Panhakarn, Peeranee “Matt” Kongthai, Theeradech “Alek” Maythawarayuth, Ratchawin “Koy” Wongwiriya and Masu Chanyang. The drama is a production of BEC-Tero Entertainment and will premiere in October.